“Simply the best experience I've had with custom clothes. Hazel was very attentive to my preferences on every aspect of the clothes especially fit and fabric. She offered expert advice so the end result was what I wanted but even better! The way the clothes look when worn clearly show why custom clothes are in every way superior to what can be purchased off the shelf; fabric, fit, and drape to name the top 3. I will most certainly return for more Hazel made creations.”

— Betsy Wilhelm

"I have had the wonderful opportunity and good fortune to work with Hazel on many different occasions. She has created several individual and team ice skating dresses for my daughter. She has the ability to make a beautiful, finished skating dress that far surpasses her competitors. I have personally seen a lot of skating competitions, and her pieces always stand out. Given that skating dresses are an integral part of the overall package presented to judges, in my opinion, having Hazel on your team is a must.

In addition to creating skating costumes, Hazel created my daughter's graduation dress. It was stunning. I watched her work with a difficult fabric, a difficult cut, and difficult requirements from the school. It was amazing to watch the dress take shape and watch Hazel's abilities from pattern making to the final details and finishing touches. She has couture ability right here in Minnesota!

I am looking forward to working with Hazel for many years to come on additional pieces for my daughter's wardrobe as well as my own."

— Deb Regan

"I have worked with Hazel for nearly ten years and it has always been a pleasure. She brings fresh and unique ideas to the table and consistently produces high quality garments! Her sewing skills are out of this world!"

— Alex Johnson

“Hazel's attention to detail and craftsmanship is like none other! ...And then when you mix in her beautiful spirit, professionalism & creative eye, you get incredible pieces of clothing that will, no doubt, last a lifetime! I have loved working with Hazel to have my beautiful custom-pieces created! And just as I expected when wearing my sleeveless cardigan (among other Hazel Matthys pieces), I get stopped on the street and asked where she can find one!  Hazel Matthys is pure talent - I anxiously await each season's new line!”

— Tasha Herrgott

“It was a pleasure to work with Hazel to create unique one-of-a-kind competition dresses for my daughter, Kelly. Each year, we truly looked forward to beginning the 'creative process' again on a new set of dresses. Hazel was extremely receptive & patient with all our ideas and helped us evolve each concept into a beautiful dress. In our experience, Hazel offered very wise advice, carefully steering us in the right direction from the beginning stages, through construction, finishing touches and, even, crystal selection. We found Hazel to be very flexible in helping us meet competition dates and in scheduling fittings. I highly recommend Hazel as a dress designer who can turn your skater's dream dress into reality.”

— Patty McInnis

“I have been working with Hazel for over two years and continue to be more impressed every day with her attention to detail. Among other things, she has consulted our company for a very high profile client and we could not have been any happier with her efforts. When it comes to fashion, practicality and superior service, I think of Hazel.”

— S. Ainsworth

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